Photo by Alyona Bogomolova on Unsplash

Lily of the valley

A changing season has swept the meadow’s surface

The cold white has melted; the lingering patches vanish under the warming beams of the sun

Every day new life sprouts, blooms, and unravels itself

Providing nourishment to the woodland creatures roaming by

To the untrained eye, one stands out amongst the rest

With its white bell flowers and seductive red berries

Salvation, perfection, and poison wrapped all in one

Triumphant are the few, who mistake this flower for food

Forager beware, Lily of the Valley, does not play fair



Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

A journey in self-love

A cold spring dawned upon me, and I was thrown into an abrupt transition back to reality. A brick wall was all I had to break my fall.

I used the shattered pieces to re-build parts of myself I didn’t realize were broken or needed fixing.



Alison Reiszadeh

Alison Reiszadeh

Ottawa Based Writer- I write articles about underrated and overlooked issues regarding climate change, the environment, and biodiversity loss