A summer of love, cooking, and long walks

A journey in self-love

A cold spring dawned upon me, and I was thrown into an abrupt transition back to reality. A brick wall was all I had to break my fall.

I used the shattered pieces to re-build parts of myself I didn’t realize were broken or needed fixing.

A shift in focus and value.

I have enjoyed spending time with myself in a way that I haven't done before.

Sinking into moments with the people I love.

Enjoying the details.

Noticing life, and having a renewed appreciation for the mundane, the simple, and the normal. The things I usually take for granted.

Until one day realizing, that they are no longer within reach. Misery loves company as much as trauma loves surprise visits.

One day everything is bliss with a summer’s warm kiss and then within the next moment, it's like you’ve tripped and fallen into a bottomless pit. As hard as you try you just can’t crawl your way out. So you stay there, in free fall.

But then the next day I wake up as though nothing happened to go about my day. Gardening in the backyard, watching life grow before my eyes and then dancing in the kitchen with the love of my life cooking our favourite meal.

And so the cycle repeats: up, down, forwards, and backwards.

A tumultuous spring turned hot summer and crisp autumn peaking around the corner. The changing seasons provide a new setting for the delicate dance of life to continue.

A long walk awaits, and I’m learning to take my time along the way.



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Alison Reiszadeh

Alison Reiszadeh

Ottawa Based Writer- I write articles about underrated and overlooked issues regarding climate change, the environment, and biodiversity loss